Kambri is the largest and most profound change to the ANU campus since its establishment.

The meeting place

Opened in February 2019, Kambri at ANU represents a new chapter in the history of our campus. The tree-lined precinct takes an innovative approach to meeting the needs of students and staff alike. It centralises student services, health and wellbeing facilities, and other retail conveniences at the heart of the university. But, more excitingly, the cultural centre will be transformative for the ANU’s creative community. Kambri is a place to gather and celebrate the wide array of theatre, film, music, food, art and exhibitions offered by both local talent and those from afar.

The name Kambri

The name Kambri is given to the University by the ACT’s four Indigenous communities.

The name was presented to ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt AC during a special ceremony at the annual state of the University address, in which he updated the University on its strategic initiatives.

Representatives from the Little Gudgenby River Tribal Council, Buru Ngunawal Aboriginal Corporation, King Brown Tribal Group, and the Ngarigu Currawong Clan participated in the gift.

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