The new face of Fenner

Situated within the heart of Kambri, the reinvigorated Fenner Hall (SA7) is just a stone’s throw away from teaching and learning facilities, the cultural centre, food and coffee retailers, and the newly announced Badger & Co. student bar. 

In a move that would make its namesake, Fenner, proud, this is the first student residence in Australia to be built with cross-laminated timber, an engineering wood which greatly reduces the carbon footprint of Kambri and is known for several health benefits. Not to mention improved internet access.

Each of the 450 student rooms is fitted with moveable furniture so that new students are able to adapt it to their preferences and needs.

Many things, however, have stayed the same.

Thanks to extensive community consultation, several elements of the old building have been carried over. These include the dorm-style floor structure, a large communal kitchen, and the hall’s important history with rooms named after Frank Fenner, Kate Hayes, and Bobbie Fenner.

Every floor has sun-filled common rooms featuring beautiful views of the campus, city, and Black Mountain.

Fenner coffee addicts need not fear as the Warren Café still has a spot on the ground floor of the residence.

Finally, the pastoral support structure remains in line with all of the University’s halls, featuring a Head of Hall, Senior Residents (SRs), and Community Coordinators (CCs).

The new Fenner may have gotten the face-lift of the century, but it’s fair to assume students will have no problem feeling at home.

For information on how to apply to live in Fenner Hall, please visit the Student Residences website.