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Educational excellence with a bold, spatial vision

Kambri’s new Marie Reay Teaching Centre, along with the four other buildings that make up the new precinct, aim to reinvigorate the student learning experience. The design of flexible study spaces, superfloors and accessible AV will make this bold teaching and educational experience a reality.

If you require immediate help for an AV or recording issue in a Kambri teaching space (Marie Reay Teaching Building or Cultural Centre) please call the ITS Service Desk x54321 (option 1, 1)

To report any AV or recording issues experienced in a Kambri teaching space, please log a ticket via the Service Desk (Click ‘Get Some Help’, ‘Report Something Broken’) – including the word ‘KAMBRI’ in the ‘Short Description’ field.

The Marie Reay Teaching Centre consists of a number of spaces, including a new super floor with a capacity for 320 people in traditional lecture format, a separate space for 120 people on a lower floor, and nine smaller spaces for groups of between 30 and 60 students dotted throughout the building.  

A walk through the building reveals that the new space involves state-of-the-art screens and easy-to-use AV equipment against the backdrop of the Scandi-inspired wood columns, beams and panelled ceilings.

The wood columns and beams create a warm, welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere – here, teacher and student are not separate. Without the tiered seating of a traditional lecture theatre, this building brings about a new era of learning. At Kambri, learning happens when ideas and stories are shared in a comfortable environment.

Experiencing the building

As you walk into the building off Caroline Lane Walk, (the laneway that separates the Marie Reay Teaching Centre from the nearby Di Riddell Student Centre and, the Chifley Library) the first striking feature that greets you, other than the Scandinavian wood-inspired detailing, is a grand staircase. The staircase greets you almost as if it’s rolling the red carpet out to you, beckoning you in, enticing you to see where the staircase leads.

At the top of the staircase on level 2, you turn right and walk into the first space in the building which is designed for classes and lectures. This area, which seats up to 120 people, is referred to as a ‘Collaborative Space’ that includes four projector screens, 16 loud speakers, and four wireless microphones. Located around the outside of this open floor space are a number of areas designed for smaller group discussions and breakout activities. But, when teaching isn’t taking place on this floor, the entire area can be used for group gatherings, discussions and social get-togethers.

A quick walk across the centre of the floor and up another flight of stairs takes you to the first of three floors dedicated to a mixture of smaller 30 and 60-person classrooms. This floor also has informal spaces for students to meet, study, or socialise that are intended to be open for a full 18 hours a day. As flexibility is key, this floor features removeable central walls, meaning that teachers can quickly turn a 30-seat space into a 60-seat one.

As the saying goes, we often save the best for last. In this case, the last and most impressive floor in the Marie Reay Teaching Centre is what has been dubbed the ‘superfloor’. Fit for between 150 and 300 people, this top-floor space offers sweeping views to Black Mountain, the Canberra CBD and to the southern side of the ANU campus. The floor, with an impressive high ceiling complete with exposed cross-beams and black iron studs, includes three large projection screens, 16 loud speakers and capacity for three wireless presenters to interact with each other. The facilities also enable large groups of people to attend and listen to the exciting talks, presentations, discussions or lectures on offer. As well as its intended purpose for teaching during university hours, the superfloor may also be used as a large events space at night. Finally, tucked away in the corner of the superfloor sits an open courtyard, also designed as a mix use space for educational or social purposes.

Room capacity

Level Space

Ground floor

(underground from the main Kambri concourse / University Avenue)

Kambri carpark
University Avenue/Level 1

Entry/student commons

Can seat 500 people max

Level 2

1x120 person capacity

(Can also be used as an informal teaching space)

Level 3

Formal 30 person capacity x 3
60 person capacity x 1

(Can also be used as informal teaching spaces)

Level 4

Formal 30 person capacity x 3
60 person capacity x 1

(Can also be used as informal teaching spaces)

Level 5

Formal 30 person capacity x 4
60 person capacity x 1

Level 6

Superfloor space x1

(320 people max for public events; ideal teaching capacity is 150)

Informal learning spaces are also located throughout the building. In total, these spaces can hold 576 people.

Booking teaching rooms in Kambri

Both the Marie Reay Teaching Centre and the Cultural Centre are used for teaching purposes.  If you are from the ANU and are looking to book space for teaching purposes, please follow the usual process through ANU timetabling.

For enquiries relating to Kambri venue hire and public programming, please contact Kambri’s Events and Relationships Manager - Matthew.sykes@wdmanagement.com.au.


For further information regarding the Marie Reay Teaching Centre, please contact eo.pvc.education@anu.edu.au

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